The patients, parents and advocates behind the #WeAreNotWaiting movement to access and utilize medical device and health data to improve life with diabetes.

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Our mission
Tidepool is a non-profit, open source effort with the mission of reducing the burden of managing Type 1 Diabetes with technology. Our software makes make diabetes data more accessible, more open, and more actionable, leading to more effective diabetes therapy.

Who we are
We are people with type 1 diabetes. Parents of kids with type 1. And doctors who care for them. This disease is a big part of our lives.

What drives us
Right now, we’re living in the dark. Without constant, real-time, accessible information about what’s happening inside our bodies—we’re left guessing. But when the stakes are this high, guessing isn’t good enough. We don’t need averages, we need specifics. We need a way to connect the dots in a way that is actionable.

What we believe
People with diabetes are living in a sea of unused data generated by devices that don’t talk to one another. This is insane. In the rest of our lives we have software that tells us how we spend our money, tracks our fitness activities, and reroutes us around traffic accidents.

For diabetes, we have nothing.

The data is stuck in silos, completely restricted from being shared and freely used. This is what we’re changing.

What we’re doing
We believe that the purpose of technology is to help people. We are giving diabetes data a place to live. We’re taking open source approaches that have been proven in areas from banking to search to security, and we’re applying the same principles to diabetes software. You’d think we’d be late to the party, but we’re the first ones here.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

Open data
This isn’t rocket science. Companies like Fitbit, Nike, and RunKeeper have long been aggregating disparate data into clean visualizations and actionable information. Their open API platform means that your devices speak the same language, getting you the long view of everything contributing to your health, not just a single reading from a single device.

Open Platform
We’re developing a platform that will be a home for diabetes data and the apps that use it. To encourage other creative minds to build on the platform and adapt it, everything will be developed in the open with source code freely available to everyone.

Analogies are helpful: What Tidepool is doing is something similar to the Android Open Source Project but totally non-profit and designed solely to serve as the infrastructure for a new generation of smart diabetes management apps and devices.

Better Apps
We believe in applications that give patients, parents and doctors real tools for accessing the whole landscape of diabetes data, not just one or two little corners of it. We’ve created the first two apps that will run on this platform. Blip visualizes all of your key data in one beautiful app. Nutshell helps you enjoy eating the food you love. And since our platform and code are open, we hope that other application developers and diabetes device companies will take advantage of our work.

In short, we’re making life easier for people with diabetes and setting the stage for an ecosystem of apps designed to do the same. Take a look at Blip and Nutshell on our product page.

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