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Galileo Analytics – Anna McCollister-Slipp

Galileo Analytics – Anna McCollister-Slipp

Galileo Analytics is a visual data exploration and advanced analytics platform, aimed at democratizing the process of doing sophisticated health data analytics. Type 1 diabetes patient Anna McCollister-Slipp co-founded Galileo Analytics in 2010 amidst frustration with stagnation in health care research, specifically around outcomes measures. As a Type 1 patient with difficult to control diabetes and many complications from the disease, Anna was frustrated with the research establishment’s over reliance on randomized controlled trials of large populations of patients, which were typically designed to weed out patients with complex, chronic disease. Anna saw the emergence of new electronic data sources, such as electronic health record data, as a way to improve up on the science of outcomes measures by providing a ‘gold mine’ of real-world data that could be used to better understand more complex patients.

Anna designed the interface for the Galileo Analytics platform, known as Galileo Cosmos. Through the drag and drop interface, any user can conduct sophisticated analyses of aggregated data representing millions of lives. Working in real-time through a visual interface, Galileo Cosmos makes doing data analytics more like playing a video game.

Galileo Cosmos was the central component of the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s CancerLinQ, a prototype learning health system aimed at making it easier for everybody in the oncology arena to contribute data to and extract knowledge from an oncology-centric health data platform. Galileo is working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to help identify new measures for disease management and progression for breakthrough treatments for devastating disease. More information about Galileo Cosmos can be found herecosmos r and d.

Among other things, Anna hopes that Galileo Cosmos will help reignite the scientific spirit among health data researchers, providing them the ability to explore their intellectually curiosity, playing with and discovering new patterns in health and care.

More information about Galileo Analytics can be found at

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