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MySugr – Fredrik Debong and Frank Westermann

MySugr – Fredrik Debong and Frank Westermann

What is mySugr?

We tame the diabetes monster! In brief, we’re a diabetes service company. Our apps, web service and Diabetes Academy are mutually compatible solutions to ease the daily therapy routine.

Who’s behind mySugr?

We’re a startup that was founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria. Nowadays, over 20 of us work devotedly on our products and spread educational entertainment about the diabetes monster. Among our backers are the Austrian Economic Service (a national development and financing bank) and the business angel Hansi Hansmann.

Why we’re good at what we do?

mySugr’s high product quality is only possible due to the interdisciplinary combination of design, technical, and diabetes expertise. Our Logbook app is an approved medical device in the US and EU, while mySugr (the company) is ISO 13485 certified. Hence our accumulation of several internationally renowned prizes.

What motivates us?

A large part of the mySugr team lives with diabetes, many of them from childhood. The team thus brings experience and knowledge to product development as well as much love and creativity to the projects. We live and breathe our products.


  • Frank Westermann

    CEO, Co-founder

    Frank is our CEO with diabetes who maintains a healthy scepticism towards diabetes logbooks. At least that used to be the case. The end result? Lousy blood sugar levels. Frank’s aim is to incorporate therapy as seamlessly as possible into a daily routine.

  • Fredrik Debong

    Fredrik Debong

    Community Relations Lead, Co-founder

    Our resident crazy Swede and gaming geek. Fredrik has had a lifelong one-sided love affair with diabetes. Did we omit diabetes burnout? He studied medical computer science and is co-founder of Pioneers.
    “Work on a problem that really captivates you to help move the world in a positive direction.”

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